Are life’s challenges hindering your business success?

How working quietly through adversity can make you an overnight success.

I am sure we have heard the term overnight success? Before I reached understanding I thought an overnight success was someone that reached star status just by rolling out of bed without any effort. I reached the conclusion because I never heard any of the successful people discussing hardships, disappointments or challenges. Since I never heard them discussing their problems, I did not think they had any. It just seemed everything came easy for them.

Upon reading numerous success principle books (Slide 68 is a great book) I realized over 60 % of the content was over coming hardship failure and disappointment. Successful people realize focusing on negative situations magnifies and attracts more negative situations.

Whatever we focus on we accelerate and attract to us. Reminds me of a quote:“ …fear and courage are fighting for control, the one we feed will win.” Whichever emotion we constantly tie into will manifest with abundance. The more we feed the negative outcome or circumstance with our attention the more we will bring those negative situations to our doorstep. We should not allow challenges affect the way we operate while running our business. Emotions are energy and that negative energy should not be near our clients, vendors or partners. People can sense when we allow a negative situation to dominate our thoughts. So how do we handle negative situations and events?

Relax and ask the question “what am I to learn from this”

Have a lessons learned session. Go over what could have led to the circumstance or situation. Develop procedures and processes that will lead to action to minimize the chance of re-occurrence.

Write a list containing 20 ways to resolve the problem.

Coming up with solutions will become more difficult towards the end but, don’t quit. It may feel like those things are not possible to accomplish, but keep writing. The exercise is a great tool to sharpen problem solving skills.

With your lists in hand seek council.

Your mentor adviser or some you trust that has your best interest at heart. You are not in this alone someone has been through this before. Success leaves clues; if you don’t have a mentor or an adviser, look for one.

Don’t share the problem or resolution with anyone other than your council.

Not everyone we know have our best interest at heart. Sometimes well intended advice from people that have not had success getting through what you are going through could lead us in the wrong direction. Not everyone on our side is cheering for us.

Do not make the issues portable.

Leave the issue challenge or difficulty in room or office discussed with mentor or confidant. Remember our clients and customers do not need to be exposed to that type of negative energy, they deserve our best service and attention. We do want them to come back don’t we?

We attract and magnify what we focus on. If we focus on the problem and not our clients and customers, we will lose them and appear to be complaining grumpy business owners. We would serve our clients and customer’s best, conducting ourselves like the duck. On the surface appear to glide across the water while all the work and struggle happens under the water. Should we conduct ourselves in this manner we will likely find ourselves explaining how we were not an overnight success.