Book Keeping

Small Business Bookkeeping


Are you really getting all of the information you need to help your business grow and meet it’s goals? Many small businesses do not have the financial resources to maintain their own accounting staff for bookkeeping and often the existing staff that they do employ are already overworked and perhaps inexperienced in accounting principles.

Accountables provides a practical solution to assisting small business owners in meeting their financial and accounting objectives without having to hire their own accounting resources. By out-sourcing your accounting functions to Accountables, you are not only saving valued monetary and human resources, but you are getting a superior service at a cutting edge price.

Our small business accounting professionals will analyze your accounting needs by providing you with timely financial statements as well as the following:

  • Corporate Tax Planning tools to ensure the minimum tax liability
  • Cash Flow plan and analysis
  • Personal tax advice to increase your own personal wealth as well as that of your business

This is just a sampling of the small business bookkeeping services that Accountables provides, contact us today for a free consultation of your small business needs.

After your free consultation, complete this form to enroll in our bookkeeping services. You may upload your bank statements here in our secure portal if you wish to have your accounts reconciled. We will process the information and follow-up with you within two business days.

Payroll Services:

The administration of payroll can often be a time-consuming and perplexing task for many companies. In recent years, out-sourcing the payroll function has now become the trend saving companies precious labor resources which can be used in other aspects of your company. The superior payroll service that we offer includes (but is not limited) to the following:

  • Computerized input which eliminates payroll errors due to our “prior-to- processing” reporting
  • Tax Deposits – bi-weekly or monthly
  • Standard year-end submittal of W-2’s and Form 109

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