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Happy Independence Day or Unhappy 4th of July?

I would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July, and please let’s not wish each other happy independence day. No, I am not anti-government nor am I anti-America. I love this country and have no plans on leaving (unless I have no other choice). I am however, anti-ignorance. We are ignoring the fact(…)

2 Ways to Look At The American Tax Payer Relief Act (ATPRA)

A time to forfeit from fright or forge ahead with fight. The American Tax Payer Relief Act (ATPRA) was passed and there remain many unanswered questions. One answer we all know for sure is most everyone’s taxes will increase. Small businesses are not exempted from the revenue taxing arm of Congress. We will scramble to(…)

Are We Choosing to Overspend for Services?

How services we pay for are robbing us of our money and our time. I read a quote from Mr. Robert Kiyosaki , author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, “there are two types of people, the people you owe and the people that owe you.”To me the quote meant the following: • We are both(…)

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