Happy Independence Day or Unhappy 4th of July?

I would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July, and please let’s not wish each other happy independence day. No, I am not anti-government nor am I anti-America. I love this country and have no plans on leaving (unless I have no other choice). I am however, anti-ignorance. We are ignoring the fact(…)

Will your New Year’s Resolution for your business Stick or Fail?

A better solution than a Resolution This is the time of year when most of us start thinking about our new years resolution for our businesses. Whether it is starting a new business or improving the processes of the current businesses, resolutions play a key part for many of us. Resolutions are elusive and dangerous(…)

What Goes On In Your Head, Goes On In Your Business – How your beliefs may be holding your business hostage.

What goes on in your head goes on in your business. How your beliefs may be holding your business hostage. Believe it or not, Belief holds a huge roll in your business. If we believe we will be successful we will. If we believe we will fail, we will. The second part is the work(…)

Building Your Business Through the Holiday Season

How building your business during the Holiday Season could pay off creating momentum for your business in 2013. It is that time of the year, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas soon follows. People are taking vacation and visiting family. Everyone seems to be getting into the Holiday spirit. Majority of the people are(…)

Taxes and Holiday Gift Giving

Better to give (a gift) and receive (a tax break)! There are an increasing number of small business owners increasing their donations. And that is a good idea because we have all heard that it is better to give then to receive: You have you heard this, haven’t you? The tax law supports and emphasizes(…)

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