Happy Independence Day or Unhappy 4th of July?

laba.ws_USA_Independence_DayI would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July, and please let’s not wish each other happy independence day. No, I am not anti-government nor am I anti-America. I love this country and have no plans on leaving (unless I have no other choice). I am however, anti-ignorance.

We are ignoring the fact that we celebrate something most of us do not have. INDEPENDENCE.

I have a question. Why do we celebrate Independence Day when so many of us are not independent? In fact we are more dependent now than we have ever been.
Many of us will disagree and state we are in a better situation than we were over 237 years ago. Again I understand why an individual would say that. The challenge that I have with that is we were convinced we were independent; actually it is often stated this way “America celebrates her independence with the observance of the 4th of July.” America is independent, but many of the Americans are not. We are led to believe we are independent. The worst kind of dependence is a hidden in plane site. What do I mean?

If we as a nation think that we are independent because we’re constantly convinced while ignoring the facts , the forces we depend on (Government, Corporate America & Media) need to do little to control us. If we were to ever wake up and accept the fact that we are not independent but, totally dependent, we can only blame ourselves because the information was there for us to see the whole time.

How did we get this way?

There are two types of control most widely used in history.
• Control by force
• Control by deception

Control by force (when America was under British rule) is easy to see and difficult to overcome but, it can be overcome (thus why we celebrate Independence Day).
Control by deception (the form of control we experience today) is easy to overcome but difficult to recognize. Why? We really believe we are independent. We cannot accept the fact that we are dependent even though the truth is staring us right in the face.

We have traded one form of control (forced) for another form of control (deception). We went from knowing we were dependent to accepting we are independent while depending on the individuals telling us we are Independent (Government, Corporations and Media). No one or ethnic group are exempt. This happened to the original americans (Native Americans) now living on reservations. This happened to the original immigrants (going from settlers to British rule to Corporate america). This happened to the Original Slaves (imported from many nations, forced into slavery, gained emancipation demanded acceptance into Corporate America). We can continue with the examples but I think you get the point.

Independence is true freedom. Freedom from prejudice, injustice and control. (you don’t have to believe me but, ask yourself this question, why do we hear no news on some of the most wealthy families on the planet? (Rothschilds, Duponts and the Rockefellers plus many others). Have you ever wondered how there are more people that are not born in America living in America experiencing more Independence than those of us born in America? The answer is quite simple. Most of the people coming from other countries to America left a Government controlled by force. When they get to America, many of them don’t trust anything or anyone, learn the rules, do the research and do what the Independent people do thus achieving their independence. After their independence is achieved they, in many instances appear to look down on the Americans that were born here. Why? They know we are not independent, and wonder why we don’t know it. If you disagree that is fine and I understand but, answer this question? What is independence? According to dictionary.com independence is “….freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.”

• We must ask ourselves are we free from control? I don’t know but, do you control how much income you generate thus controlling your outcome? If the answer is no then you are not free from control of others.
• Are we free from influence? I don’t know but, do you go to the nearest news or web outlet and get your information and treat that one unproven source as gospel or do you look for the source of the information, compare and contrast multiple resources as we were taught in school? If the answer is the first one then you are not free from influence.
• Are we free from support or aid? I don’t know but, do you expect an entity, group, or individual to assist you in any way shape or form with your retirement, health care, schooling or…(you fill in the blank). If the answer is yes then you are not free from support or aid of others.
• Do we have financial independence? I don’t know but, Can you maintain or increase the amount of income without working? if the answer is no then you do not have financial independence.

why is this important? Because financial independence is the only form of independence that will lend itself to total independence. Whoever has control of your income, influence, support and aid has total control of your outcome. This is something to think about while enjoying the 4th of July festivities. Happy Independence day to America and Happy 4th of July to us Americans, the dependents that blindly believe we are Independent.