What Goes On In Your Head, Goes On In Your Business – How your beliefs may be holding your business hostage.

What goes on in your head goes on in your business. How your beliefs may be holding your business hostage. Believe it or not, Belief holds a huge roll in your business. If we believe we will be successful we will. If we believe we will fail, we will. The second part is the work(…)

Building Your Business Through the Holiday Season

How building your business during the Holiday Season could pay off creating momentum for your business in 2013. It is that time of the year, Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas soon follows. People are taking vacation and visiting family. Everyone seems to be getting into the Holiday spirit. Majority of the people are(…)

Taxes and Holiday Gift Giving

Better to give (a gift) and receive (a tax break)! There are an increasing number of small business owners increasing their donations. And that is a good idea because we have all heard that it is better to give then to receive: You have you heard this, haven’t you? The tax law supports and emphasizes(…)

TAX Identity Theft: Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Tax Return

TAX Identity Theft: Why you should be concerned about your tax return. In 2011 over 5 Billion dollars in refund checks were delivered. That’s a large sum of money considering all of it went to the Identity thieves. Even though many of the fraudulent returns were filed using social security numbers of children, the deceased(…)

3 Ways To Keep The IRS Away!

IRS Proof your taxes with 3 simple actions. 1. Don’t commingle your funds – Make sure your business account and personal account are separate. This makes it easier to keep track of your expenses and income. And it will also allow you to keep track with how your business is doing. And this will allow(…)

Tax Debt Reported to Credit Bureaus

Congress to consider allowing the IRS to report bad debt to credit bureaus Congress is considering allowing the IRS to report tax debt to the three credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The stated reason according to sources is because to promote earlier payment of debt. I look at it from the standpoint of a(…)

Starting a Business?

“Some nontraditional things to think about before you start your business” With the economy in the tank and social security being more social than secure. People are turning to business start-ups. I am a big proponent of starting a business but there are some things one might want to consider before you start down the(…)

Let’s Talk Audits!

Tax Audits: What is an audit? As defined by the IRS.gov: An IRS audit is a review/examination of an organization’s or individual’s accounts and financial information to ensure information is being reported correctly, according to the tax laws, to verify the amount of tax reported is accurate. In other words the audit is a just(…)

Things To Consider Heading Into The New Year

This information was forwarded to me from a fellow Franchise owner, Thank you Mr. Henry Swint. TO MY CLIENTS, FRIENDS, AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATES: As 2011 comes to a close, economic uncertainty continues to be a hot topic in Washington, D.C. and around the world. The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (i.e. the Super Committee)(…)

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