What’s Keeping You From Having the Customers and Clients You Want?

How who you are attracts what you get.

I am sure you have heard that statement you attract who you are and not who you want.

Attract: to draw by physical force causing or tending to cause to approach, adhere, or unite; pull (opposed to repel ): The gravitational force of the earth attracts smaller bodies to it.

This is true in your business as well. What do I mean? The type of customer you are is the type of customer you will attract. The type of client you are is the type of client you will attract.
Below are some examples to help demonstrate.
• If you are a customer that wants to pay rock bottom prices and get exceptional service then those are the clients you will attract.
• If you are the type of customer that has loyalty to the cheapest price and not the quality of service then that is the type of customer you will attract.
• If you are the type of customer that does not refer business to the establishment that you frequent that will be the customer you attract.

It is a universal law that you are who you attract. It does not matter that you don’t believe it. It does not matter that you have never heard of the law of attraction.
It doesn’t matter if you believe in gravity but if you step off a 3 story building, gravity will take effect. The law of attraction is consistently talked about in the personal development arena and there have been many books published for business and entrepreneurs. I felt a need to parallel the business owner and the customer, also the business owner and the client. Without getting too deep, the basic principle is that your actions and conduct are a direct correlation to what you attract. If you are a bad customer or client then you will attract bad customers or clients. As business owners we must not forget that we are customers and clients. Businesses that offer products and services also need products and services thus making them customers and clients.

With that in mind we need to treat the businesses we patronize the same as we want our businesses to be treated. It is the golden rule. Do unto businesses as you would have your customers and clients do unto your business.

Some other things to think about are:
• If you are late for or miss appointments, then your clients and potential clients will be late for and miss your appointments.
• If you do not return phone calls then your clients and potential clients will not return your phone calls.
• If you are a client that does not offer references and valuable feedback then you will have clients that do not offer references and valuable feedback.

Your customers and clients will mirror your actions as a customer and client. The object is not to convince anyone that this law is real and it works. There is more than enough proof from real business owners that the law of attraction is very powerful. The purpose of this blog is to offer struggling business owners something to think about in hopes that it will resonate and kick start their company. If you don’t believe the law of attraction affects your business than chances are that your business will continue to not produce your desired results. You want to be the customer and client that you want to attract. So the question is… are you?