You discovered your reason why and it is not big enough, now what?

Now What???In the blog titled “Is your reason “Why”, big enough…”, We discussed key points to focus on to ensure we would do the necessary work after the W2 day ended. We all realize that many times our reason why is big enough to start but, it may not be big enough to allow us to overcome our subconscious mind. As my mentor says “your reason why has to be bigger than your excuse for why not”. How do we win the battle to overcome the excuses for why not? Let’s take a look at some legitimate excuses:

• Not enough time.
• Work life balance
• Not enough energy

Before the problem can be solved, the cause of the problem needs to be addressed. Why don’t we have enough time? What are we doing with our time? Is there time we are wasting on non productive activities, ie. watching TV, playing games on our favorite social media, conducting non productive phone calls (gossiping and catching up on the TV shows we did not record).  Once the cause of the problem is addressed, we can work toward a solution.

Schedule time to commit to working on our business and when we are done for the day we can reward ourselves with the non productive activities.

Work-life balance is a tough one (so I will apologize in advance); there is no easy solution without sacrifice. One of the biggest challenges facing many of my clients is being the driver for their children. Sports, recitals and numerous activities are monopolizing the parents time. The children are in multiple activities spanning 5 to 6 days a week, not leaving much time for anything. Let’s have our children pick one activity and stick with it for a season. This will teach them discipline and responsibility. My children remember our family activities more vividly than me attending an event they were participating in. Let’s schedule time to do things with our children vs. running them all over town watching someone else interact with them. Planning date nights are crucial as well. With proper planning we can have our cake, eat it and sell it too.

“I am tired” is a common reason we use for not working on our business. Here is the million dollar question. If we are tired now, how tired will we be 10 years from now?  The simple solution is to suck it up and do it anyway; however the problem may not be so simple. If the fatigue is chronic then going the see a doctor is the first suggestion.

What are we eating and at what time are we eating it? Are we getting adequate rest, are we exercising?  Who are we hanging around? Do they give us energy or do they suck the energy out of us. Associate with people who are in life where we want to be. People that are heading in the same entrepreneurial direction are up lifters and this is a great energy boost. Once we find the reason for being tired we can then work toward a solution to grow our business.

Many of our excuses can be overcome with evaluation and proper planning. There are many excuses in addition to the ones listed. What are some of the excuses you have encountered and how have you overcome them? Thanks for sharing.